Review of Scoring System

Maximum number of points allowable per game: 10

- 6 Points for a win

- 3 Points for a tie

- 0 Points for a loss

- 1 Point for a shutout

- 1 Points per goal up to maximum of 3 points per game regardless of a win, loss or tie

- 2 Points deducted if a player is sent off (shown a red card) or if a credentialed adult is dismissed



Review of Tie Breaking Procedure

In preliminary games [bracket or flight play], ties will stand.

In the case of a tie in points following the completion of preliminary games [bracket or flight play], the advancing team will be determined based on the following criteria in the order specified.

Should there be a tie in points between three or more teams or between teams the tie-breaking procedure begins with item 2 below.  If at any point only two teams are tied, start the tie breaking procedure back at point 1.

1. Head to Head competition – team that won the head to head competition between the teams that are tied will advance.

2. Goal Differential. With a Max of +/- 4 per game.

3. Goals Scored. With a Max of 4 per game.

4. Least Goals Against. With a Max of -4 per game.

5. Most games won.

6. Kicks from the penalty mark as per FIFA rules. To be taken immediately prior to next round game. 

Review of Division Formats

- In a 5-Team division each team will play the other 4 in a league format. There will not be a "Final" The highest points scorer after 4 games will be the Champion and the 2nd highest will be Finalist.

In a 6-Team division with Semi-Finals each team will play the other two teams in the Bracket. First and Second place will play cross bracket in the Semi-Final Sunday morning and will progress on to a Final or 3rd/4th place game. The two teams that finish 3rd  in the preliminary bracket play will play each other in a consolation game.

- In a 6-Team division where games are initially played cross-bracket, the three teams in Bracket A play the 3 teams in Bracket B. The top two points scorers regardless of bracket will meet in the final (WC #1 and WC #2) and Wildcard #3 and #4 will meet in the 3rd/4th place game.

- In an 8-Team division, the winner of each bracket will meet in the Championship game. The 2nd place team in sac bracket play in the 3rd/4th place game.

- In a 10 or 12 Team divisions Wildcard #1 and #2 meet in the Championship game and #3 and #4 will play for 3rd place. 

* When it states "Wildcard" it means the position is based on points scored regardless of the bracket the team has played in.