Review of Division Formats

- In a 5-Team division each team will play the other 4 in a league format. There will not be a "Final" The highest points scorer after 4 games will be the Champion and the 2nd highest will be Finalist.

In a 6-Team division with Semi-Finals each team will play the other two teams in the Bracket. First and Second place will play cross bracket in the Semi-Final Sunday morning and will progress on to a Final or 3rd/4th place game. The two teams that finish 3rd  in the preliminary bracket play will play each other in a consolation game.

- In a 6-Team division where games are initially played cross-bracket, the three teams in Bracket A play the 3 teams in Bracket B. The top two points scorers regardless of bracket will meet in the final (WC #1 and WC #2) and Wildcard #3 and #4 will meet in the 3rd/4th place game.

- In an 8-Team division, the winner of each bracket will meet in the Championship game. The 2nd place team in sac bracket play in the 3rd/4th place game.

- In a 10 or 12 Team divisions Wildcard #1 and #2 meet in the Championship game and #3 and #4 will play for 3rd place. 

* When it states "Wildcard" it means the position is based on points scored regardless of the bracket the team has played in. 

Review of Scoring System

Maximum number of points allowable per game: 10

- 6 Points for a win

- 3 Points for a tie

- 0 Points for a loss

- 1 Point for a shutout

- 1 Points per goal up to maximum of 3 points per game regardless of a win, loss or tie

- 2 Points deducted if a player is sent off (shown a red card) or if a credentialed adult is dismissed

Review of Tie-Breaking Procedure

In preliminary games [bracket or flight play], ties will stand.

In the case of a tie in points following the completion of preliminary games [bracket or flight play], the advancing team will be determined based on the following criteria in the order specified.

Should there be a tie in points between three or more teams or between teams the tie-breaking procedure begins with item 2 below.  If at any point only two teams are tied, start the tie breaking procedure back at point 1.

1. Head to Head competition – team that won the head to head competition between the teams that are tied will advance.

2. Goal Differential. With a Max of +/- 4 per game.

3. Goals Scored. With a Max of 4 per game.

4. Least Goals Against. With a Max of -4 per game.

5. Most games won.

6. Kicks from the penalty mark as per FIFA rules. To be taken immediately prior to next round game.