Tournament Features

Returning in 2020

- Long games for EVERYONE!
- Physical Headquarters available entire weekend for any tournament related questions.
- Girls and Boys Weekend again!
- Tournament dates 2nd and 3rd weekend in August.
- Got Soccer Registration.
- Silver and Gold Brackets structured to include Semi-Final games where appropriate.
​- Got Soccer Points Awarded for Flight Winners and Finalists. (determined by GotSoccer)

Key SBTB Features

- All players receive a custom SBTB draw string backback.

​- Participation pins for U13 and younger teams.

- Quality officiating. SBTB has proven a history of good quality officiating.

- High-quality awards are given for 1st and 2nd place

- Discounts available for previous year Champions.

- Every team is guaranteed a minimum of three matches in the tournament. 

- The basic schedule will include two games Saturday and one game Sunday. 

- Finals and consolations are played on Sunday afternoon. 

- Everything possible is done to reduce Coach conflicts during early-round play.

- Minimum rest time between games is guaranteed.

- Travel time considered when developing the schedule.

- All games start on time. SBTB leaves enough time between games to ensure accurate start times.

Age Bracket Features
- U9-U12 play 25 minute halves
- U13-U14 play 30 minute halves​
- U15+ play 35 minute halves​

- U9-U13 Medals awarded for 1st and 2nd place
- U9-U12 Team Trophy for 1st place team
- U13-U19 "Champions" Hoodies for 1st place players
- U13-U19 "Finalists" Long Sleeve Shirt for 2nd place players.