Team Check-In

A representative (coach, manager, parent, friend) from each team is required to check their team in on the Friday night before the first game between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.  Teams not checking-in will not be allowed to play.

We highly recommend checking in on Friday night* between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the Residence Inn.  Parking at the hotel is free.  If you cannot make the Friday night check-in, you may check-in Saturday morning at the Residence Inn between 7am and 11am.    You MUST have your approved Match Roster Game Cards and stickered player passes BEFORE you go to your first game.  

* Please note: we will have fewer volunteers for Saturday Checkin, so Friday night Check-in is recommended.   If you are checking in on Saturday, please e-mail

Girls Weekend Check-In: Friday, August 9th

Boys Weekend Check-In: Friday, August 16st 

   Residence Inn
   800 East San Carlos Ave
   San Carlos, CA 94407

Please bring your player passes and your filled out match roster.  We prefer passes that are valid on the tournament dates but please see rules page for exact details on acceptable passes.  A Soccer by the Bay representative will review each player pass checking for the appropriate soccer age/birth-date and place a SBTB sticker on each the pass.  No player will be allowed to participate in games without the SBTB sticker.

All player names and jersey numbers need to be listed on the match rosters (this includes guest players).  If a player's name is not listed on the match roster, they will not be allowed to play in the game.   Please download the match roster template to your computer, open up the pdf file, fill it out, and bring it with you to registration.   The template will automatically copy the contents of game card 1 to the other 3. You can either use sticker paper (preferred) or regular paper to print it out.  There is no need to update your roster in GotSoccer.

Before each game, the entire team is required to check-in at the field marshal booth on your field.  Please present your stickered player passes and one copy of your match roster.  The field marshal will then check for correct cleats, shin guards and then call off each player’s name. 

Thanks for choosing Soccer by the Bay.  We wish you a safe and fun filled tournament weekend.

Please direct any questions to: 

Weekend T-Shirt Swap Location:

T-shirt exchanges will be at Highlands Park, San Carlos

between 12 noon and 5pm Sat, and from 9 to 4 on Sunday